This is a discovery journey into the new horizons of human species, trying to contribute an overview of our brave new world. The 10 years ahead of us can be defining of our civilization and our lifes. The 2020s is a make-or-break time. theoverview is a cultural project in search of insights to understand and thrive in the times we live in, making sense of an uncertain world.

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NANOSPACECRAFTS. An Illustrated Overview

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The New Era of The Virtual * theoverview_6
The Great Lockdown * theoverview_5
Only One Species Is Responsible for Pandemic–Humans * theoverview_4
The Brain, A Prediction Machine * theoverview_3
The Solar Connection * theoverview_2
A Global Reboot. theoverview_1

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july 30 2020 ·
july 15 2020 ·
theoverview_5: The Great Lockdown
june 28 2020 ·
june 24 2020 ·
june 19 2020 ·
theoverview_2: The Solar Connection
june 16 2020 ·
theoverview_1: A Global Reboot